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Artek Design House Ltd

Stephen Brown, a construction professional, currently a member of four industry chartered bodies, heads all design teams, commenced his career in a long-established and very highly regarded firm of Chartered Surveyors based in his native Norfolk.


Four years later he took up a position in local government for a short time before embarking on his own ventures in 1987. Two years later, with the recession beginning to bite, he took a role in the design of an offshore accommodation module for an oil platform. Eight months later he was invited, at the age of 27, to head up the architectural design on possibly the highest-profile project on UK shores.


For the next ten years, he moved from project to project as the nature of the work dictated heading up teams in oil and gas exploration, power generation, pharmaceutical development and production facilities, clean room design, banks, airports, office space developments and listed building conversion. He also worked in senior roles on theatre design, section 20 building design and supermarket development projects.

Artek Design House Ltd

Artek Design House Ltd

In 2000 Stephen secured the design of a large warehouse and office project in his own account, which was quickly followed by a number of other prestigious commissions including a joint venture with a major Cambridge based consultancy.


Artek Design House has developed steadily since. It has a sound client base, stable financial footing and is considered by most to be one of the leading practices in the area.