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Artek Design House


Possibly the most important, commercial development in the county for some years.


This 44MW straw and wood chip burning power station providing, when operational, about 0.1% of the UK's electricity needs. The plant will consume 250,000 tons of straw annually, create 40 jobs, injects £170m into the local economy during the construction phase and £20m annually thereafter. It triggers the development of a significant and strategic industrial development around the site and the Snetterton track location.


The buildings, by comparison with those of normal commercials scales, are massive with heights in excess of 30m to eaves and floor areas in excess of a hectare.

We have experience in both pre planning and planning stages as well as the detailed design and construction/fabrication of such developments. We have addressed the challenges the equipment presents and the potential harm that could be done to the environment if not handled correctly many times.


We have ongoing interests through various companies and SPV’s in green energy development throughout England and are happy to discuss opportunities with investors, landowners and interested parties.


The project has been widely publicised in the newspapers and on television.